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AUTOR(A): Robert K. Tanenbaum

FECHA: 2007

NOMBRE DEL ARCHIVO: Counterplay.pdf


El libro Counterplay en formato PDF. El libro Counterplay en formato MOBI. El libro Counterplay en formato ePUB. El libro fue escrito en 2004 por el autor Robert K. Tanenbaum. Disfruta leyendo con el sitio web

In classic Robert Tanenbaum style, Counterplay picks up right where Fury left off - hitting the ground running, literally, with corrupt, would-be mayor Andrew Kane escaping from prison. Kane, of course, has designs on killing Butch Karp and his family. Hence, it's no surprise that Counterplay begins with the Karp family scrambling to conjure a viable plan to handle the escape. What they don't know is that Andrew Kane's strategy is to join forces with a terrorist group and organize a major attack in New York City. Once again, Tanenbaum writes a masterful thriller involving the most memorable - and un-putdownable - corruption and courtroom confrontations. Counterplay, the latest book in the bestselling Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series, proves to be another full-bodied, riveting page-turner.

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