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AUTOR(A): Rosalind Blakesley

FECHA: 2006

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The Arts and Crafts Movement A comprehensive survey of the popular Arts and Crafts Movement.Rosalind P Blakesley A comprehensive survey of all aspects of the popular Arts and Crafts movement, which was at its height between 1880-1910. The movement had a worldwide influence on all areas of the decorative arts, architecture, cabinet making and even garden design This new study charts the course of the movement in all media, including painting, craft and architecture, and examines the theory and philosophy behind a variety of seminal pieces Includes fine examples of work by William Morris, Charles Robert Ashbee, Edward Burne Jones, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Greene & Greene and Philip Webb, alongside lesser known examples from as far afield as Finland and Russia Features extensive archival material, previously unpublished works and groundbreaking new research Offers a thorough overview of a highly popular intellectual and artistic movement that will appeal to academics and collectors alike In this book Rosalind Blakesley explores the common ideas that give cohesion to a movement of otherwise bewildering breadth and stylistic heterogeneity. At the origins of the movement was a reaction against industrialization, the long-standing division between traditional crafts and Fine Art and the over-elaborate ornamentation which disguised an object or building’s true ‘function’. Early British Arts and Crafts practitioners campaigned for a revival of old craft techniques, for the elevation of the applied arts and for ‘honesty’ in design, ideas that were picked up and developed across Europe and the United States, with national variants quickly emerging. Germany, for example, recognized the potential of industrial techniques and experimented with standardization in design; in Finland, then annexed to Russia, Arts and Crafts was allied to the search for self-expression and a national style in art. Examining both acknowledged Arts and Crafts centres and lesser-known communities, Rosalind Blakesley concludes her authoritative and accessible survey with an evaluation of the Movement’s significance in the twenty-first century.

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The Arts and Crafts Movement . The 'dark Satanic mills' of the Industrial Revolution. The Arts and Crafts Movement (1850-1900) was a reaction against the Industrial Revolution. The development of the steam engine by James Watt in 1765 led to the mechanization of industry, agriculture and transportation and changed the life of the working man in Britain.

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Arts and Crafts movement, English aesthetic movement of the second half of the 19th century that represented the beginning of a new appreciation of the decorative arts throughout Europe. By 1860 a vocal minority had become profoundly disturbed by the level to which style, craftsmanship, and public

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